Dit delen met je vrienden

Wanna play a (huge) role in the PlayStation brand experience?
We are looking for a PR & Influencer Marketing & Events!

Your key objectives as PR & Influencer Marketing & Events:

  • Align business and define in the Benelux with stakeholders of all local PR, Events, Partnerships & Sponsoring strategies
  • Contribute with (marketing) stakeholders the reach of some KPI’s such as PlayStation brand preference, key software/franchise and services awareness
  • Secure PlayStation as a AAA leading brand amongst several type of audiences and support the launch of new 1st party products
  • Maximize PR in the Benelux for international events (e.g. E3, Gamescom, Paris Games Week)
  • Define or engage existing and new key partnerships as well as sponsorship opportunities
  • Maximize the PlayStation UEFA Champions League sponsoring…

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